Beware of purchasing from unauthorized Orient Watch dealers. Fakes and counterfeits exist, so to ensure authenticity, we recommend only purchasing from authorized dealers. 

Authentic Orient Watch products are available in the US exclusively through these authorized dealers and retailers:


- Island Watch

- Westlake Watches

- Watch Surplus

Teddy Baldassare

Please note that this list only pertains to dealers based out of the United States, if the dealer you are inquiring about is not based out of the US we would suggest contacting the local distributor for whichever country the retailer is based out of. Contact information for all of the worldwide distributors can be found on Seiko Epson's website (


*Note: Only watches shipped and sold specifically by are covered under the Orient warranty. There are other both certified and non-certified vendors on Amazon that may be selling Orient merchandise. If you doubt the authenticity of a watch, please contact us prior to making your purchase.


Only watches purchased from authorized dealers are covered by Orient Watch's International warranty, as well as by an after-sale service that matches the brand's demanding standards.

Unsure about authenticity, or need help locating a watch? E-mail: or visit our contact page to send us a message.